OpenShift Deployment


  1. Make sure your Openshift Cluster is registered with Redhat Marketplace. Follow cluster registration link for reference:

  1. Delete any previous installed resources of KubePlus

curl -L -o
chmod +x
  1. Install KubePlus Pre-requisite resources. You can use either oc cli or kubectl cli. The commands are exactly the same.

kubectl create -f -n openshift-operators


oc create -f -n openshift-operators
  1. Go to Redhat Marketplace, search for “KubePlus” operator. Customer can do free trial signup or Purchase.

  1. Install operator from Redhat Marketplace Operators section

Try hello world service

  1. Debug:

$ KUBEPLUS_NS=openshift-operators
$ KUBEPLUS=`kubectl get pods -A | grep kubeplus | awk '{print $2}'`
$ kubectl logs $KUBEPLUS -n $KUBEPLUS_NS -c crd-hook
$ kubectl logs $KUBEPLUS -n $KUBEPLUS_NS -c helmer
$ kubectl logs $KUBEPLUS -n $KUBEPLUS_NS -c platform-operator
$ kubectl logs $KUBEPLUS -n $KUBEPLUS_NS -c webhook-cert-setup
$ kubectl logs $KUBEPLUS -n $KUBEPLUS_NS -c consumerui
  1. Cleanup:

$ wget
$ ./